Dobroyd Lions just got given the shock of their lives.

On Saturday the Glebe Gorillas went in to the weekend on fine form – three clean sheets and three victories in the last three fixtures with the central defence pairing of Gavin McColl and Padraig Houllihan showing that their partnership is getting stronger and stronger by the week. Jamie Lyall has come back in to the team and has also been a big part of those 3 clean sheets so a massive credit must go to those three in particular. Scott Arnorld played one of those games in midfield but has pretty much been a permanent fixture in the side from the left back position and has been great recently.

So the side chosen for this top of the table clash was as followed: Jamie in goal, Lyle and Scott fullbacks, Gav and Padraig in the middle, Ryu was on the left of midfield, James back on the right with Johnny, Bob and Karl in the middle and Adam up front. The bench had Spirro and welcomed back Stuart after a long time out along with Michael who again was coming back from a lengthy injury.

For some reason the Dobroyd Lions side had a look about them as if they were coming to pick up three points in a routine victory at sunny Centennial park and would have it all their own way – WRONG! The Gorillas are the form team in the league have not conceded or looked like conceding in 3 weeks and were in no mood to let the Lions come and play without giving them the biggest fight they have had all year. In fairness to Glebe the team who started the afternoon in second place Balmain are not worthy of lacing the same boots as the Gorillas and only due to players being away have they managed to luckily get two draws from Glebe in the league. On a head to head the Gorillas would smash them in the finals at full strength no questions asked so in the players’ minds Dobroyd Lions were the only team worth worrying about from now until the end of the year.

Glebe dominated the possession, moved the ball around quicker, closed down the opposition quickly and just didn’t seem fazed that they were playing top of the table. The Gorillas have been going under the radar happily recently and have a squad that is more than capable of taking the competition as long as they stick to what they are best at keeping possession and forcing the tempo high in to the opposition. In fairness to Dobroyd Lions as soon as they experienced five or ten minutes of total domination they upped their game and tried to play at a higher tempo but the Gorillas looked completely solid all across the park and never looked like they were going to come away with anything less than the result they wanted. Gavin and Padraig’s communication from the back made a big difference to the shape of the team along with the amount of pressing the midfield 5 did it just made Dobroyd Lions play long desperately trying to feed the ball to their best player up front who really did look a threat when in possession.

Because of Glebe’s dominance both in possession and physically the game was always going to be a bit of a battle especially due to the stakes on the line for the gorillas Dobroyd Lions started to foul like it was going out of fashion with the referee dishing out yellow cards like flyers. Glebe should have been 1-0 up after Johnny Evans had a close range effort blocked from barely a yard or so out after neat interplay between Ryu and Adam. Karl put a free kick just over after a massive delay from another foul which should have resulted in a red card after Dobroyd Lions central defender kicked Adam after fouling him on the ground which was just disgusting behaviour.

Dobroyd Lions seem to think they are a good team because they have a few old players who used to be good back in the 90’s but truth be told these players are being carried by a half decent squad who possess a good striker and a solid goalkeeper. They have Jimmy Hart the Mouth of the South playing right back and probably the slowest holding midfielder in the league who Karl made sure didn’t get a sniff all game. Both were on the receiving end of some hard tackles from the gorillas and plenty of trash talk but after this experience the Gorillas will know now not to bother lowering the standards and just get on the football and take the game to these ageing squads.

The score was 0-0 at half time and Glebe came of the pitch with a bit of a swagger as they never really looked all that troubled and played all of the football, on another day they would have been leading. I suppose you have to give some credit to Dobroyd Lions as they are top of the league and they did keep the score to zero in a first half of football but true to form Glebe took the game to them again in the second half and from some more neat passing exchanges the ball broke to Ryu who cleverly beat his man with his first touch, faked a shot to the right corner and placed a nice finish in to the bottom left corner giving the keeper no chance 1-0 Glebe.

The MASSIVE support on the side went wild and Ryu ended up celebrating like it was 1999! Dobroyd Lions’ heads went down they seemed more angry and helpless maybe if it was anybody else Dobroyd Lions might have been able to do something about it – but not against a fitter, better sharper opposition it was just never going to happen. The game was pretty end to end Glebe looked solid defending set pieces and all of the individual battles across the midfield were won by Glebe purple shirts.

Late on in the game a short corner was put back in to the box and from 5 yards out the Glebe substitute managed to in turn miss the ball and then knock the ball on to Mike who put the ball wide. Mike could have made it two in stoppage time of which the referee seemed to play loads of when Karl chipped in a ball in to his path and with just the keeper to beat he managed to miss cue his lifted shot not to score somehow.

The fulltime whistle finally went and the relief was there to be seen by everybody Dobroyd Lions of course wanted to fight the gorillas as they just couldn’t believe what had happened to them, out played completely and but for their goalkeeper having a good game they could have lost by 3.

Dobroyd Lions will want to avoid the Gorillas in the finals as they are not good enough to beat them right now especially when the Gorillas get even fitter and welcome back Anders Robert Limpar, Connor Dunne and Graeme Robertson back in to the team. Stuart Hanway and James Cunial will need a few more weeks to improve their fitness and get to full speed but Glebe have done everything right so far. Wednesday’s training sessions will be busy from now until the end of the season as the competition for places is high and with every Gorilla looking to get as fit as possible for the finals – this season could be one of the most memorable in years!

Glebe find themselves just one point off the finals if they can win their game in hand over Liverpool.

Glebe play third placed Leichhardt Saints on Saturday and will want to make sure they keep up the run of victories again a team that will be in the finals after getting the better of Dobroyd Lions Leichardt Saints will be the next club in the sights of the Gorillas…

Let’s hope that next week’s team photo looks just like this one!