Pre-Season round up

At the end of the 2012 season everyone in the club collectively looked at how the past season had gone and suggested ways in which we could improve. We felt that there were a number of areas that needed to be addressed to ensure we were more competitive for the forthcoming year.

High on the agenda was recruiting a full compliment of players so that we have enough personnel every week to put out two strong teams. After re-signing all our returning players from previous seasons it was identified that we still had a good number of spots to fill so two weeks of trials and training were organised to find these new recruits. We were overwhelmed with the volume of players looking for local football with over 50 trialists attending the trials. It was a tough decision narrowing down the talent to our required amount but we feel we made big strides into improving the depth and quality of both sides in advance of preseason.Another item high on the agenda was to conduct a more thorough preseason which began in earnest at the beginning of February providing a number of trial matches (Verses Lane Cove West FC, Local FC, Uni Bombers FC, North Sydney FC and Mustangs FC) This was combined with two months of training prior to the first game of the season. This was a great opportunity to see how the new players gelled into the squad and bring the fitness levels up to match fitness in preparation of starting the new campaign. The commitment to training was encouraging and the trial matches proved that whilst there are areas to work on there has been significant improvement on last year and we look strong going into our first games. We were also fortunate to recruit the services of Geoff Amies – a coach from the Central Coast – who has offered to volunteer his services for the session, take control of our weekly training and assist on game days. We feel his experience will bring more structure to the club and help to improve the knowledge and skills of the players through the year. We have also benefited from a number of players offering their experience to run sessions through the season. A variety of ideas and drills can only help the long term development of the squad.

Another key part of the off season was our involvement once again in the Les Murray Cup. We were fortunate to draw an Ex Socceroos Eleven in our first game which was made up of a number of ex pro’s including Craig Foster, Ned Zelić, David Zdrilic and Željko Kalac. Whilst we put up a good fight and even scored a few goals, surprisingly (!) the ex pros won by a slight margin and we were subsequently knocked out in the first round. Despite it being short lived it was great to have that experience and maintain our support of a local tournament.
Thanks to everyone who has made the commitment to Glebe Gorillas this year and strived to ensure they are in the best shape possible to contribute to the squad as best they can. We hope you will enjoy the year both on and off the field.I’d also like to thank the committee for their tireless work since last September to ensure that we would start 2013 with a significantly improved club both on and off the pitch. I’m sure all of our returning players will agree that we are far more organised  and prepared now than we ever have been and hope that this will help your determination to confirm this improvement with the results we accumulate during the season. Whilst you will have noticed some of the improvements achieved by the  committee to date, much is going on behind the scenes and often goes unnoticed. I’m confident we have the correct people involved to maintain this improvement for sometime to come. We know there is much left to do and trust you’re behind us to help archive it. If there is anyone in the club that wishes to get more involved please let a member of the committee know – we are always open to new ideas and enthusiastic volunteers. We hope you enjoy your soccer this season and we can celebrate a few trophies come September.