Reserves frustrated in cup defeat

This week the Gorillas stepped away from the league to try their luck in the cup competition, being matched against Balmain Wanderes in the first round. After a skeleton squad the week before, Glebe were back to a full compliment of players despite still having a few still away on holiday in various spots around the globe.

Having faced them two weeks prior in the league, Glebe knew what to expect from the team currently second place in the league. In their now familiar 4-4-2 formation, Cory once again lined up in goal behind a back four of Gupta, Guy, Frankie & Steve. In front of them was Christophe, Damo, Treds & Jason with James and Luke leading the line. Unfortunately, in what has become a broken record in recent weeks, Glebe outplayed Balmain for much of the game without reward. They worked incredibly hard across the field and created chance after chance but failed to take their opportunities to lead the game. Frustration began to filter into their play as the referee time and time again gave decisions to the team that shouted loudest rather than make his own mind up. Freekicks were given away all over the pitch but despite this, for a long while, Glebe were able to keep their opposition at bay and reduce them to long distant efforts. Finally one of their distant volleys curled over Cory from about 25 yards and they took the lead despite the Glebe players feeling there had been another foul unnoticed moments before. They came off at half time having conceded a further goal against the run of play and had to calm themselves down to ensure they didn’t add to the yellow card already picked up by Treds for a late challenge and row with the ref.

The boys pulled themselves together and headed out knowing they had nothing to loose and began to fight hard to get back in the game. It wasn’t to be however, as despite a good first 15mins where they controlled the play once again, a third goal from Balmain killed the spirits and the floodgates opened. In Glebe’s defence some of their strikes were fantastic long range efforts that would have beaten any keeper but really should have been closed down before they were able to line up the shots. Matt and Chris P we’re both second half substitutes but despite contributing in their own right, we’re unable to reverse the inevitable defeat.

With their cup dreams now over Glebe need to focus on getting back to winning ways in the league starting next weekend against league position rivals Randwick who we beat earlier this season. A strong few weeks in the league to help rediscover the confidence and belief is important if the reserves are going to go into the finals in good form. All the ingredients are there, we just need to be more clinical.