Wasteful Glebe throw 3 points away…

Glebe welcomed Balmain to Centennial Park on a Sunny Saturday afternoon with again more injuries to the first team squad with midfielder Graham Robertson and first choice goalkeeper Jamie both out for the foreseeable. The gorillaz lined up with Central defender Conor Dunne in goal, Lyle and Scott at full back with Bob dropping in to defence alongside current club skipper Gav. The Midfield had a trio of Johnny, Adam and Karl with Pardriag and Chris Ellis playing Wide and Ruy up front.

The oppositions goalkeeper was yellow carded before the game even begun for kicking the turf with his boots??? Another reflection of what was going to come a clueless power trip of a referee who has clearly never played the game.

At the start of the game both sides had possession of the football but the ball seemed to be bouncing and bobbling all over the place with the play being hurried with very little flow.

The referee was making some ridiculous decisions against both teams which pretty much got both sides backs up and made for a rancid spirit to the match with players moaning and appealing for decisions rather than concentrate on the task at hand.

The Glebe players created a chance when a ball come in from Scott through Karl on on to Chris Ellis who was unlucky to see his shot go wide. Another opportunity came with a pass from Adam in to Karl who then found Ruy in the box and again was unlucky not to finish. Then came a few long range shots from Adam and another from Bob after a steaming run out from the back.

After an series of interchanging passes from Johnny and Karl the ball was played wide to the by line where Adam managed to somehow hook the ball back for the onrushing Johnny who finished at the near post with a cool decisive finish 1-0.

After the goal Glebe only played football in patches and didn’t really get the ball down and play as well as they know that they can Balmain rushed harried and fought for every ball and seemed to have most of their joy from playing direst long balls from the back and crosses from wide at every opportunity.

The referee was making some horrific decisions and really did look out of his depth this in turn ruined the half with the Balmain players lowering Glebe to their level and creating many off the ball scuffles and arguments which resulted in more cards.

The half time whistle blew and both sides looked angry and had both seem to forget that this was in fact a amateur game meant for fun and not the champions league final.

Matt pretty much told the guys to cheer up, enjoy themselves and let their feet do the talking after much discussion the Glebe boys headed back on to the field.

Balmain as expected threw the kitchen sink at Glebe with around twenty corners in the second half after at least ten in the first – every time the glebe players looked organised and ready to defend anything.

On the odd occasion Balmain did manage to get on the end of corners but Connor was making some great positional saves with Scott and Karl on the posts both making clearances off the line.

For all of Balmain’s pressure Glebe seemed to be most dangerous on the counter attack going on wave after wave of attacks with Chris Ellis, Adam and Ruy being the main threats with mixed results.

Off the back of one counter attack Glebe won a corner of their own – Karl took it and the patient Chris Ellis got on the end of it to score with his right knee 2-0 Glebe.

This both annoyed and made Balmain even more direct which resulted in the Glebe players to start to panic with some individuals guilty of continuingly miss placing simple 5 yard passes to the annoyance of the coaching team.

The Glebe boys have not trained for a few weeks and it was clear that some of the team had not been keeping on top of their individual fitness because after an hour the players lost all of their energy, started to lose their shape and invited more and more pressure.

When Glebe did have possession they continually played high long balls to either the oppositions defence or the poor Glebe striker Ruy who is clearly not suited to the high ball with a ball to feet clearly being the better option.

With lack of fitness came lack of focus and concentration along with communication the Glebe midfield and defence got caught out position and Balmain were gifted with an easy goal 1-2.

The standard of the match fell off the radar from this point on with more Balmain corners and Glebe counter attacks with countless numbers of missed passes in dangerous areas of the Balmain half.

With just minutes remaining the Glebe defence were again completely out of position half way up the pitch Karl went to cover and Scott chased the winger down the wing – the Balmain winger put a cross over Karl’s head which fell for Bob (Emmerson Boyce) who saw his header fly past Connor and in to his own net.

A cruel end to the game – completely no blame should go to Bob as he tried to clear the ball and was in two minds due to the covering Karl who should have defended better and attacked the cross 2-2.

The game ended in a draw Glebe have a double header next week and will need it as the fitness of the side is clearly not where it should be at this stage of the season due to called off training sessions.

The Glebe coaching staff will have learnt a lot from this performance and they really did miss the leadership of Graham Robertson in the middle of the park. Connor played great in goal and made a few great saves in fairness – a few tweaks to personnel, positions and fitness will surely mean that the Gorillaz will be one of the teams to watch come finals.

Let’s not forget that Balmain are one of the leading sides in the competition and it shows how far Glebe have come from last season but if they are being honest with themselves Glebe threw this game away themselves rather than Balmain doing anything special.

The game felt like a loss and should act as perfect motivation for the Glebe players to improve their focus, fitness, concentration and teamwork moving forward to close out games.

It’s quite simple when Glebe play football on the deck they score goals and look dangerous if the players can learn and improve with each game you would have to say that Glebe have every chance of winning the comp.

This next weekend of fixtures will be really interesting Glebe will be wanting a full squad, play good football and two victories to start to clime the table.