Glebe Gorillas most successfull soccer club in Sydney.

Glebe Gorillas Football / Soccer Club is preparing for it’s second season in the ESFA (Eastern Suburbs Football Association). After missing out on the play-offs by 1 point last year in the ESFA the Gorillas are looking for more. Last year we were the new kid around the block but this year the aim is reaching the play-offs and winning it. As the Gorillas are the most succesfull soccer club in Sydney for the last 3 years, adding 12 trophies to their list and finishing the Football NSW State Cup in 2016 as runners-up the planning for the 2018 season is in full swing.

Glebe Gorillas Soccer Team Sydney

Unfortunately we are saying goodbye to our loved president Kieran Murphy as he is taking over a role at our affiliate side ‘London Gorillas’. The commitee has fully changed for the 2018 season with Padraig de Blaca stepping into the role of Vice-President, Philip Prenter taking over the role as Treasurer and Jeremy & Archie running the Social / Events for the Glebe Gorillas Football / Soccer team in Sydney. There are a few positions available within the club (President, Head Coach and Reserve Team Manager) so please reach out to if you have any interest.

There are some exciting events coming up such as the Tudor Cup which will be seeing a mix of our players and bar staff of the Tudor Hotel in Redfern competing against eachother for the Cup followed by a couple of beverages at the Tudor. Trials for 2018 will be communicated soon (season starts in April) through the website but please follow our Facebook page for updates around the club.

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Founded in 2010 the Glebe Gorillas have been on a journey through the jungle.