Jeremy Bierma

ned Netherlands


  • Nickname: Jezza
  • Country of birth: Netherlands
  • Position: Centre Back
  • Glebe Gorilla playing history: 2015-2019
Q.1. How did you find the Gorillas and what made you get involved?
I played for Glebe Wanderers when I arrived in Sydney and played for them for 1.5 years. After going back to the Netherlands for a holiday Podge asked me to have a trial with a new team that was called the Glebe Gorillas. I was thinking of changing teams and when I joined some of the players were absolute class. From day 1 it was a team and made some of my best friends through the Gorillas.
Q.2. What was the most memorable match you played in?
Leichhardt Saints Football Club at home when we used to play in the old league before ESFA against our biggest rivals. We had to win the game to win the league and won the game in the last second of the match with a goal from Adam Burns.
Q.3. What were your highest and lowest moments in a Gorilla shirt?
Highest: Probably winning all the trophies (including that last minute winner) over the years and the great nights out with the boys.
Lowest: Not winning enough trophies in the ESFA league and being consistent enough while we had the quality to do it.
Q.4. What were the best things about being involved with Glebe Gorillas?
Looking forward to Saturday football, playing with quality platers and winning games on Saturday followed by a big night out with everyone. For me personally, I made some of the best friends down in Sydney through football and it really helped make my stay enjoyable for so many years.
Q.5. What advice do you have for any new lads joining the club?
Get involved, play some quality football and help out where you can to keep this club going from where it all started in 2010. I really enjoyed all the minutes on and off the pitch, going on away trips and to end with a Bali trip. If you are in for that join the Gorillas.

Gorillas teammates

 Who was the biggest joker you played with?
Barney Robertson in a good way. This man made me laugh.
Who was the biggest diva?
Who was the hardest?
Who were the quickest and slowest players?
Quickest – Archie Gaunt
Slowest – I would say Jono Cooper
Who had the dodgiest dress sense?
Who were the best and worst dancers?
Worst – Podge
Best – Allison
If you were stuck on a desert island, which three teammates you would pick to join you and why?

Jono – because he is a very good fisherman
Matty Winter – one of my best mates and loves to get a getaway.
Philly Printer – just an all round good guy.