Phil Prenter

irl Ireland


Basic details
– Name: Phil ‘The Printer’ Prenter
– Country of birth: Belfast, Norn Iron
– Position: Left back
– Glebe Gorilla playing history: 2014 – 2019: About 100 appearances…0 on time.

Q.1. How did you find the Gorillas and what made you get involved?

Through another Silverback aka Kev Masters, who opened his Airbnb to me on my first ever day in the Sydney jungle back in 2014…the rest as they say is history!

Q.2. What was the most memorable match you played in?

We had a great rivalry with Leichardt Saints which produced many epic battles but as a one-off it has to be the 2017 NSW State Cup final vs Northbridge….

1-0 and a keeper down (Tucky- shock!) within 20 seconds, it was deja-vu all over again having lost the previous years showpiece 4-1. That was until Jezza, our Dutch centre back, channelled his inner Van Der Sar and hopped in the sticks. Back we came to win 2-1, an incredible performance from a great bunch of lads with a few inspirational words from Captain O’Se along the way- a special day down under!
Shout out to the II’s 2018 ESFA Grand Final vs Phoenix- a 5-5 epic, never in front the whole game until Crispy Lambe slotted the winning penalty of the shootout. The greatest match I’ve ever seen live!

Q.3. What were your highest and lowest moments in a Gorilla shirt?

Highest: The State Cup win and Burnsy’s last kick of the season goal against Leichardt to seal the title in the pouring rain at Heffron stand out. Though overall, it was just a pleasure being part of the club for 5 years- some great memories and even better nights out!

Lowest: most MONDAY mornings!

Q.4. What were the best things about being involved with Glebe Gorillas?

Seeing the club go from a struggling side in the old Sydney Amateur League to conquering it, becoming State Cup champions and establishing ourselves as a top 4 club in ESFA (one of the highest standards of Amateur football in NSW) all within 4 years was brilliant to be a part of- Quite ‘the journey’ as El Pres was fond of saying to anyone who would listen (quite often a female in the CBH on a Saturday night)!

The social side was fantastic too, some hilarious away days- Griffith road trip springs to mind!

Q.5. What advice do you have for any new lads joining the club?

Make the most of it both from a footballing and social perspective. It is a very unique club that has a habit of attracting both talented footballers and great lads- a successful recipe that most importantly, has forged lifelong friendships and enhanced everyone’s time in Sydney!

Also appreciate that the club is run solely by a bunch of mates who play and manage, we don’t have an established non-playing committee like most other clubs in our league. So don’t be shy in offering a hand to help the committee- it is critical to the club’s continuity that new faces get involved!

Gorillas teammates questions

Who was the biggest joker you played with?
Barney Robertson- always brought a smile to my face with his outrageous stories.

Who was the biggest diva?
James Robinson- had an uncanny knack of being a manager’s dream and nightmare all in the same 90 minutes.\

Who was the hardest?
Millsy bruv though Adam Burns would run him close- he often bled purple for the cause!

Who were the quickest and slowest players?

Quickest: Archie Gaunt, just a pity he didn’t know which way he was playing.

Slowest: Jeremy Bierma to buy a round. Lives by his Afterpay investment strategy- buy now, pay later! Practice as you preach Jezza!

Who had the dodgiest dress sense?
Wee Brad Roper used to produce some awful new kicks with gold plated buckles on them- think he borrowed them off a jockey down at the stables.

Who were the best and worst dancers?

Worst: Jigga’s helicopter with his wee boris pecker. A sight for sore eyes!

Best: Gaz Burns and THAT stepover- could dance his way through most teams! Chris Luxton if we are talking dancefloors.

If you were stuck on a desert island, who would be the very the last three teammates you would pick to join you and why?

Not that I’d be much use, but the writing really would be on the wall if these 3 were with me:
Jono Cooper- be no food left!
Dermey “what’s the odds we can off this island” McMillan- nightmare!
Declan Moore- he would find a way to get us all banned from the island even though its uninhabited!