Our Club


Founded in 2010 the Glebe Gorillas have been on a journey through the jungle. After a rocky start to the club with many years of preparation and changes the Gorillas have picked up no less than 11 trophies in the last two seasons. Since 2010 the Gorillas have competed in the SAFL competition, but 2017 brings on a new frontier as the Gorillas move into the Eastern Suburbs Football Association (ESFA). The new competition will bring another level of competitiveness to the club and the players and managers are thriving on this new challenge. If you want to be involved with the club please reach out at the email below.


President: Kieran Murphy (president@glebegorillas.com.au)
Secretary: Gaz Burns (secretary@glebegorillas.com.au)
Treasurer: James Cunial (treasurer@glebegorillas.com.au)
Social Team: Dermy McMillian & Archie Gaunt
Club Staff: Belwin Singh & Jamie Linwood

First Team

Manager: Jono Cooper
Assistant: Kieran Murphy
Backroom Staff: Gaz Burns, Dermy McMillian, Jeremy Bierma

Reserve Team

Manager: Kieran Murphy
Assistant: Jermey Bierma & Philip Prenter
Backroom Staff: Kevin Masters & Ben Darkes