Main Sponsor - Tudor Hotel Redfern

90 Pitt St, Redfern NSW 2016

Tudor Hotel Redfern LogoSituated on the corner of Pitt and Redfern Streets in Sydney, with the heart of the community right at our doorstep, The Tudor Hotel offers a great local experience for those that live, work and play in Redfern. Under proud new ownership by the W. Short Hotel Group and proud main sponsor of Glebe Gorillas F.C. since 2016.

The Tudor Hotel in Redfern offers amazing food options and is a finalist in the NSW Awards for excellence 2017 as they position themself as the heart of the community. This aligns perfect with Glebe Gorillas Football community as the Tudor Hotel is more than a name on a shirt. They are there for the community and so are we, a club run by volunteers that quite simply not exist without the commitment of our players, management and by no means our valued partner ‘The Tudor Hotel’.

Visit the Tudor Hotel in Redfern or see what’s on this week!



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